Alberto Milani Elected Official Representative of the Chambers of Commerce within NAFTA Region (The North American Free Trade Agreement)

New York, NY (May 22th 2017)  – Alberto Milani, President of the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce of New York, has been elected the official representative of the Chambers of Commerce within the NAFTA region (United States, Canada and Mexico). Mr. Milani plans to implement various valuable solutions to strengthen the presence of all nine Chambers operating within North America, including improved administrative efficiency and direct communication with over 2500 Italian and American companies.

“My new role and that of the Chamber in New York signals a more strategic and modern approach to the NAFTA markets,” said Alberto Milani, newly appointed representative of the Chambers of Commerce in the NAFTA region. “The Chambers will continue to evolve in their role as a primary source of information for companies to help them understand the evolution of retail, and to become more proactive in the ever-changing North American markets. Providing key instruments on how to better sell our brands, products and services are essential components of the Chambers’ services. Most products do not sell themselves anymore.”

Mr. Milani is also positioning the Chambers to be on the forefront of innovations in retail and buying habits of consumers, which includes a better understanding of the sales potential related to digital and social media. Mr. Milani and the Chambers of Commerce are encouraging affiliated companies to build a greater connection with the millennial culture, as millennials will represent more than 1/3 of consumers in North America within the next decade. Mr. Milani plans to provide digital and social media instant trend updates, notifications and in-depth information.  The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce, will also offer companies the opportunity, through a renowned video and social media producer of content, Sunshine Production, the ability to create key media assets to be used for commercials, social media and digital advertising.

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