LEAP Forward – Innovate Faster

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On April 22, representatives of LEAP Atlantic's member chambers took part in "Innovate Faster," the first installment of our three-part LEAP Forward webinar series, which explored transatlantic investments in emerging and innovative technologies.

Panelists discussed how innovation in the digital realm has been a leading driver of European and American economies and highlighted several examples of how transatlantic technology investment is giving rise not only to start-ups, but to global market leaders as well. Our esteemed panel of European experts shared case studies of transatlantic ventures that are achieving success in this realm and provided advice on strategic  opportunities for cross-border investment. 

Participating Chambers include the French-American Chamber of Commerce, the German-American Chamber of Commerce, BelCham, Spain-U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Italy-American Chamber of Commerce. Collectively, the 20 participating Bi-National European Chambers of Commerce – LEAP ATLANTIC -  reach over 4,000 member companies and tens of thousands of European and American business leaders across the New York area, as well as around the world.


April 22nd, 2021 12:00 PM   through   1:30 PM
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