eMazzanti Shares Law Firm Mobile Security Best Practices

A NYC area legal technology consultant and managed services provider (MSP) urges legal professionals to employ law firm mobile security best practices to protect sensitive firm and client data in a new article on the eMazzanti Technologies website.

The informative article advises firms to employ mobile device management (MDM), install timely operating system and app updates, and secure mobile devices with multi-factor authentication. The author also recommends that readers encrypt files before sending them to the cloud, backup device data and conduct regular security audits among other best practices.

“Mobile access increases employees’ ability to communicate with clients and coworkers quickly, as well as access documents on the run,” stated Almi Dumi, CISO, eMazzanti Technologies. “But it also greatly increases security concerns.”

Below are a few excerpts from the article, “Law Firm Mobile Security Best Practices.”

1. Employ Mobile Device Management (MDM)

“The industry offers a host of MDM options to help your law firm get a handle on mobile security. Choose an MDM system that allows you to specify which devices can access the network, as well as what applications they can access.”

2. Install Updates to OS and Apps

“Vendors regularly release patches to the operating system and mobile apps to enhance security and introduce new functionality. These updates can prove critical to protecting mobile devices against emerging cyber threats. Turn on automatic updates to ensure that devices stay current.”

3. Mandatory Multi-factor Authentication

“According to a recent Verizon study, 33 percent of companies reported a compromise caused by a mobile device. And yet, too many users fail to properly secure their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. They either use weak passwords or no password at all. To protect your network and data from unauthorized access, make multi-factor authentication (MFA) mandatory on all mobile devices.”

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Implement Law Firm Mobile Security Best Practices Now

Partners and firm employees depend on mobile access, and every law firm depends on data protection. Those charged with security should contact eMazzanti technologies to determine the appropriate mobile security solutions for the firm. eMazzanti’s legal IT security experts will help them implement best practices for network and endpoint security.

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