If Food Could Talk – The Extraordinary Italian Taste

North America takes steps towards promotion of Authentic Italian food products 

The European Union formally recognizes food products from its member countries to assure their authenticity to the rest of the world. It comes as no surprise that the “boot” of European nations supports the rest of EU with the largest number of DOP (Designation of Origin) and IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) products. 

Italy, always known for its fresh and delicious superior cuisine, can now produce wholesome products with peace at mind knowing they will be attributed the credit they deserve. 

This classification system based on Geographical location provides Italian producers with three principles; promotion, protection and profit. 

As a result of these consortiums, Italian products can be promoted as the best, as consumers value pure, real Italian ingredients; made to specification under strict European food and safety standards. As DOP & IGP products are endorsed, Italian products will be protected by the seal, while other competitors are devalued. As authenticity is based on specific region and practices, small time producers profit by using the element of fresh, wholesome products to sell to distributors, further stimulating local economies. 

A food heritage unique in the world for breadth, variety and quality excellence that claims: 

275 DOP (Protected Designation of Origin), IGP (Protected Geographical Indication), STG (Traditional Specialty Guaranteed) products; 

523 DOCG (Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin), DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin), IGT (Indication of Geographic Distinctiveness) products. 

Regrettably, it has been reported that nearly $60 billon annually are exhausted on products disguised as Authentically Italian. In the United States alone, Italian companies are cheated of nearly half of that $60 billion each year due to purchase of products that only “sound Italian”, but truly cannot be traced to locations further than U.S. soil. 

Made in Italy products must not only continue to be conserved but also enhanced and promoted. The Italian Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Economic Development is fiercely dedicated to the preservation of these most special products. Their creation of “The Extraordinary Italian Taste” is a primary example of their tireless efforts to maintain Italy’s superior status in the world of cuisine. Knowledge is power, and the world must become aware of the fake products they spend their hard earned dollars on each day. It is a mission of the brand to spread this knowledge and cultivate new programs, shedding light on the benefits of the purity of products; including health benefits, as well as how it relays back, continuously aiding local Italian markets both in distribution and recognition. 

To achieve maximum success for these objectives, proposals will be implemented, including the commencement of Educational Tours and Masterclasses throughout Italy. These tours and classes will be geared towards different professionals from different industries, including but not limited to, Journalism and Food Import/Export, to assure that US distributors are able to fully discover hidden, under-marketed goods, while giving Italian food companies proper opportunity to promote them. 

The organizations that are working so diligently on these initiatives are the Ministry of Economic Development, and the Italian Chambers of Commerce of the United States, Canada, and Mexico (Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago, New York, Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, Mexico City). These dedicated organizations are all coordinated by the Assocamerestero, the Association of Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad. 

Make sure to check out the following video to learn more on the project IF FOOD COULD TALK_v7_Short_101117_1

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