IACC Member Promotion: Tempus US

Tempus is pleased to offer exclusive IACC member discounts on our award-winning global payment and foreign currency exchange solutions.

As a new member of IACC, we bring currency market insights to you regularly to help your guarantee profit margins and mitigate currency risks.

We understand that your business moves when the currency markets move, so we work alongside your business to help you know your costs.

  • Top-ranked G10 currency forecaster by Bloomberg
  • Dedicated Account Managers monitor and proactively advise you of favorable market conditions
  • Customizable hedging strategies to protect your profit margins
  • Fast, Flexible and secure trading and global payments platform available 24/7
  • Part of Monex, a leading financial institution providing foreign currency
  • Nationally licensed and bonded financial institution founded in 1999.

Please reach out to Amy Chin for more information at 212-897-2823.


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