ISSNAF Open Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award

Intesa Sanpaolo Award for Innovation and Circular Economy

Call for Applications 2017

ISSNAF – Italian Scientists and Scholars in North America Foundation yearly presents awards to acknowledge the research of young Italian investigators working in North America, whose commitment to their discipline of study is innovative, potentially impactful and honors their country of origin.

ISSNAF Board of Trustees encourages all Italian researchers currently working in the United States or Canada to submit their application to compete for the following award:

Intesa Sanpaolo Award for Innovation and Circular Economy

In 2017, the Open Innovation and Entrepreneurship Chapter of ISSNAF decided to focus on the importance of the implementation of the Circular Economy, therefore this award is dedicated to projects involving the potential or actual execution of one of the main principles of the circular economy1. The winner will receive a certificate and a monetary prize of $3,000. All finalists will receive a Travel Award.

For more information on the eligibility criteria and review process please click here

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