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The family tree starts with Constantino Urbani in 1852, when he began exporting fresh truffles to Carpentras, France, thus creating a business that has become increasingly larger and more relevant through the years. Exports quickly expanded to France, Germany, Switzerland and at the same time to other Italian regions. After Constantino, came Paolo Urbani Senior, and then Carlo Urbani. Carlo Urbani, with the invaluable help of his wife Olga, not only became a pioneer of truffle cultivation in Italy, but also a great entrepreneur who reorganized his company putting the focus on his beloved truffle hunters. This is how Urbani Truffles, nowadays and internationally renowned company, was born. Back then like today, a passion drives us every day: love for truffles. Paolo and Bruno Urbani, Olga and Carlo senior’s sons, are the fourth generation of the family. It’s thanks to them that the company was transformed into a big and beautiful one, but still family-run, a true technologically advanced industry.

The international headquarters are located on the premises of Urbani Tartufi, Sant’Anatolia di Narco, in the province of Perugia, Italy.

Dedicated to the world of truffles since 1852, thanks to the work of great men and women, Urbani has become a global point of reference and world leader in the truffle sector with 70% of the market.

By putting care in every stage of the production and distribution, Urbani achieves a quality that brings together the highest standards of taste. To this end, driven by that same old passion, the company presents today, its catalog of truffle based products to offer their world of good taste and refinement to an even greater number of people. The Urbani family has been dedicated to truffles with love and passion for six generations.

Urbani Truffles, an international division of Urbani Tartufi, has long been a landmark in the field of truffles, mushrooms and truffle products on the world markets and especially in the US. It maintains its presence on American soil with several offices located in major cities, from coast to coast. The New York headquarters is located in Manhattan, on two floors of a beautiful skyscraper on West End Ave, near the heart of business New Yorkers.

Urbani Truffles over the years has become the leading supplier of truffles and truffle products in the United States. Offices are located in major cities such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Chicago.

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