Resident Artist

The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce’s new Resident Artist program will help to acknowledge and celebrate artists that represent the core values of the Chamber, produce beautiful artwork and deserve recognition for the art they create. As a way of keeping the beauty and culture of art alive within our concrete jungle community, each year the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce will select a young artist and have their work displayed within our office Space.

This year, the IACC’s selected resident artist is Edoardo Cozzani.


Edoardo Cozzani is an Italian photographer born in Rome.

In July 2016 Edoardo graduated from LUISS Guido Carli gaining a Law degree and moved to New York to study conceptual photography at the International Center of Photography.

During the first semester he produced Anamorphosis, a series that deals with loss of identity of the modern man. In December 2016, Anamorphosis was exhibited in Rome in a solo show curated by Cultrise, a roman art organization.

After a trip to Hong Kong in February 2017, Edoardo started looking at destabilizing the apparent order of the metropolis and began work on his series Babel, which in June became part of a group exhibition called Hidden Narratives in New York at the Rita K. Hillman gallery. One of the photos from the series was selected as the signature image of the show. Consequently, Babel was also selected as one of the winning projects of the photography competition Life Framer, addressing the theme of civilization.

Before the end of 2017 Babel was exhibited in two solo shows in Italy: The first on the 28th of October, in a 14th-century palace in San Vito in Puglia and the second on the 4th of December, in LAB174 -a gallery in Rome. That December, Edoardo was invited by the artists of the American Academy in Rome to talk about his work.

In 2018 Edoardo’s new project Supernatural Retrospectives was selected with the work of two other NY based artists to be part of an exhibition at a photography gallery in Rome called ACTA International. Edoardo has also been commissioned by the Italy America Chamber of Commerce to produce ten pieces from his series, Babel, to be shown at the IACC’s new offices in New York as part of a program for promoting emerging artists.

On June 15th, some of the pictures from Edoardo’s series Anamorphosis were chosen to be printed on the first edition of The Negative Times, the art magazine first released at I Never Read Art Book Fair in Basel during the Art Basel.

Edoardo is now based in New York City, traveling to follow his vision and produce new artistic masterpieces.



-for more photos CLICK HERE to visit his website-