Restaurant Marketing Program

The Italy America Chamber of Commerce (IACC), for over nine years has promoted the “Ospitalita’ Italiana” certification program set forth by the Italian Government to promote Authentic Italian Restaurants around the world.

Throughout the years, the IACC has certified over 200 in the Tri-State Area, as well as in neighboring states. Each year at least 30 newly certified restaurants receive a plaque of authenticity, during the award ceremony organized at the Italian Consulate in New York.

In order to promote and highlight, as well as drive revenue to the restaurants, we have planned two major events in collaboration with strategic partners to highlight Italian Member Restaurants as well as Ospitalita’ Italiana Certified Restaurants.

To learn more about these programs please download the following presentations:

If you are interested in becoming a certified Italian Restaurant as well as joining our vibrant member community to further promote your establishment send us an email at or visit our website today!


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