True Italian Taste Educational Tour – Friuli Venezia Giulia & Veneto

From July 10th to July 15th, Assocamerestero and the Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad put together the 5th True Italian Taste Educational Tour, with a focus on the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto. The program hosted nine influencers to travel as a group to a variety of destinations, try authentic Italian products, and advertise them on online platforms. Each day highlighted a different delicacy, and all of the attendees received not only a chance to taste the food, but also exclusive farm-to-table excursions demonstrating how each item is typically produced. They walked through the wine vineyards of Veneto, crossed cheese pastures in Belluno and even got an up-close view of their risotto dinner being prepared by famous chef Gabriele Ferron.

The Italy America Chamber of Commerce was given an opportunity to send Jackie Gebel, a food blogger who goes by the title No Leftovers, to represent us at the program and promote the significance of genuinely Made-In-Italy products to her social media following. She developed excellent content throughout the week that can now be found alongside more in-depth information about the program on our various social media accounts.






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