Wanted Design 2017- Fabbian USA


A rich installation mixing different times and cultures marks the presence of the Venetian lighting design company Fabbian in Manhattan

NEW YORK, MAY 19th, 2017. After almost ten years of presence in New Jersey, the North America branch of Fabbian has moved the regional headquarters in the heart of global design trends, Manhattan.
The Italian company, based 20 miles away from Venice, has decided to partner with WantedDesign as the Restaurant Sponsor of the May 2017 edition by creating a breathtaking light installation, called All you need is Light!, at the Terminal Stores, in West Chelsea. The concept openly pays homage to the cultural New York institution Broadway and the intimate and cocoon-like atmosphere of a theater’s fitting room.

To create a show stopping sitting area as well, the company has chosen to team up with LAGO, an innovative Italian furniture brand that has revolutionized the industry with its disruptive products and concepts. Partnering with Fabbian allows LAGO to emphasize the exceptional experience gained by designing spaces where Life comes through, such as private residences, commercial, hospitality, restaurant, and bars. The format of the Community Table boosts relationships and socialization, and the Air table legs in glass give freshness and cleanliness to the whole area.

With All you need is Light!, Fabbian officially unveils Lens to the North America market as the new launch of 2017. After the presentation at Euroluce in Milan, the product is showcased at WantedDesign in a special edition featuring pastel bright colors. The name of this product comes directly from its concept: each metallic disc lets the LED source funnel the light to the center similarly to a lens and release the illumination to the ceiling by reflection, while the decorative pattern creates unexpected effects under the lamp. The installation features Lens at various heights and openly recall the Hanging Garden of Babylon, where Humankind shaped Nature in geometric order.

The suspension can be customized with different types of finishes to meet every design needs thanks to the versatility of the product family. The standard three and mono-disc pendant versions can occur with lens of diameters 35” and 24” with burnished iron, bronze and rust as finishes.
The version Fabbian showcases at WantedDesign has been manufactured in occasion of the event: the 4 different pastel colors are obtained through the process of powder coating applied as a free-flowing, dry powder.

This hypermodern product could not have been paired with anything else but a glass best seller, Laminis, a molded modular design launched in 2015, which constitutes the structure of a glass room drenched with light. The concept has inspired by the fitting rooms where the actors of Broadway get ready wearing their costumes and put their makeup on before walking the stage.

The visitors can also playfully take photographs with an old-fashioned Polaroid camera and keep the picture as a souvenir of the experience. Laminis can be highly customized in color, shape, and size to enrich every project where light matches the elegance of glass.

All you need is light! is an installation designed by Fabbian lasting from May 20th until May 23rd at WantedDesign Manhattan, 2017. Founded in 2011, WantedDesign has established itself as the unmissable event during the three-week-long NYCxDESIGN, the international kermesse that every year takes New York by storm with its full calendar of exhibitions and product presentations all around the City.

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